Recap of the Van Tunen Client Days 2018

The Van Tunen Client Days 2018 are behind us and they were nothing short of great. All thanks to a unique situation: our machines are rarely ever found at their home base in Beverwijk and certainly not at the same time. Until last week, that is. For the first time in ages a modest, but still impressive part of our machine park could be admired up close. Our CAT 300.9, for example, but also our brand-new CAT 6015 Triple Boom. This Van Tunen original looked even more impressive bathing in sunlight – even for us. Its 35-meter boom served willingly as an oversized arch and welcomed over more than 300 customers, relations, press and others who took the trouble to visit us.
Recipe for success: yellow beasts and Dutch fries

We were determined to go the extra mile to celebrate this unique occasion and turned our workshop in Beverwijk into a cool pop-up venue with live music, coffee and food trucks, fresh draft beer (and even a sandbox with mini excavators for the little ones).  Outside, between the yellow beasts, man-sized buckets and ITR undercarriage parts, there was plenty of room to gather information or just meet, greet and catch up. However well we prepared for these days, the warm interest of so many visitors has made this event an overwhelmingly fantastic experience. Have a look at the many pictures to catch a glimpse. Oh, and it may take a while until the next opportunity, but we are sure to do this again someday. Keep you posted. Thanks everyone!



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