Contract, Rental, Support. The works.

We are Van Tunen, a third generation family-owned business engaged in coastal development, earthmoving, rockworks and mining activities. We provide contract, rental and support services for the dredging, earthmoving and mining industry as well as the maritime/shipping sector.

Our values, our approach

Internationally operating company Van Tunen was built on hard work, dedication and determination. From the beginning, providing service, quality and safety have been our drivers and integrity, mutual respect and a strong commitment to perform the cornerstones of our partnerships. What’s more, we are as happy now as we were fifty years ago to deploy our knowledge, skills and experience for the benefit of our clients worldwide. We believe that, together with our demonstrable ability to innovate, this is exactly what gives us the edge today.

Our organization

At Van Tunen, we continuously strive to improve and be of optimum service to our clients worldwide. For this reason, we recently upgraded our company profile and revised its set-up thoroughly. The result? A futureproof, clear-cut business structure covering all bases and ensuring (cost-)effectiveness with regard to all our individual activities:

Van Tunen Group

Van Tunen Contract                – Your projects in the best hands
Van Tunen Rental                    – All you need for your operations
Van Tunen Support                 – Prevents, manages and solves any equipment-related issue

Van Tunen VTTD                     – Repair, maintenance and breakdown works 
Van Tunen Trading                  – New and used earthmoving and auxiliary equipment

Did you know?

  • We designed the first exclusive Triple a.k.a. 120T Long Reach Excavator in 1998. Today, we have more than ten of these heavy duty machines that have a reach up to 21 m;
  • In addition to heavy machinery like excavators and bulldozers, we provide auxiliary equipment like generators, light sets, workshops and conveyor belts;
  • We developed our own pricing method to ensure Best for Project rental rates;
  • Although mostly active on projects outside Europe in countries like the Bahamas, Qatar, Sudan, U.A.E., Guatemala, etc., we still offer local maintenance and repair services in the Netherlands through our VTTD division.

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