Contract solutions

Contract solutions

Van Tunen: the assurance of a skilled and experienced team and the right equipment for your project

Trusted partner from start to finish

Dredging, coastal development and dry excavation? With Van Tunen as your project partner you are ensured of solid advice, swift support, excellent execution and tailor-made solutions. From large-scale dredging operations to complex coastal and shore works: with our advanced machines, in-depth knowledge and years of experience we always go the extra mile to ensure that your projects are carried out both in accordance with your quality requirements and within set deadlines.

Adding value to your project

In any corner of the world, count on Van Tunen for a skilled and experienced project team and all the (customized) equipment you need for a swift, safe and solid execution of activities like:

  • coastal and bank protection – revetment and maintenance
  • port and harbour construction, improvement and expansion
  • breakwater construction, removal, replacement (X-blocks, Tetrapods, corelocs etc.)
  • dredging works
  • stone and rock logistics, haulage, stockpiling, selection
  • bulk and detailed earthmoving works
  • land reclamation (soil dumping)

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At Van Tunen we do everything in our power to guarantee all activities are carried out safely and without damage to people, the environment, site or equipment. This is reflected in our VCA certification and therefore our compliance with the strictest of Dutch government regulated HSE policies, but also in the fact that we only provide and use brand new or low-mileage machines to ensure reduced CO2 emissions. Moreover, Task Risk Assessment (TRA), workplace inspections, equipment inspections, advice on and correct use of PPE, daily work reviews and weekly safety consultations are all standard procedure at Van Tunen. In order to (continue to) meet the highest QHSE requirements, we continuously work on improving our procedures, communication and collaboration. In large projects, we always provide the following preparatory documentation:

  • Execution plan and timetable
  • Detailed project and quality procedures and HAZID / risk analyzes
  • Risk mitigation plan
  • Project-specific QA-HSE plan, policy, objectives
  • Procedures with regard to subcontracting
  • QHSE Training matrix and assessment form