Building a fine piece of construction machinery like our CAT6015-B all starts with a bright idea to better serve our valued clients. As one of them needed a stable excavator with extra-long reach, we came up with this triple boom with containerized boom pieces for easy transport. For optimal quality and swift production, we reached out to Beco Modifications, specialized in custom-built solutions. They helped us with the fabrication of a completely new designed triple front. Pon-Cat Almere modified the original hydraulic system of the CAT6015 B to match his innovative design. Nagel Hydraulics designed and installed all hydraulic piping and valves on the triple front. The overall assembly was executed and supervised by our own team with the much-obliged technical support of our sister company VTTD. The result: a perfect example of innovation and smooth collaboration.

The CAT 6015-B Triple Boom is equipped with access platform, 35m reach and operating weight of +200 tons was already used in several dredging projects. A good reason for us to invest in a sibling: an additional CAT6105-B is in its final production stage.  Want to know more? Reach out to us and we’ll tell you everything about it.

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