02/2021 : Somewhere in the Atlantic

At the end of last year, we went on a very special trip with a few of our units and technical support. Location: somewhere on a beautiful island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Three of our CAT 390 excavators and three CAT 972/966  wheelloader were loaded to start the long journey to this deserted destination. Due to contractual reasons, we are not allowed to mention many ins-and-outs about the project, the location yet our client(s), but we can mention a little bit about the work we are privileged to do for our client.

After a few weeks on the way, we have now started the preparations for the work. And that means that we are busy loading and unloading sand and gravel from the ships. For this purpose, our excavators CAT 390 are stationed on nearby pontoons, which after being fully loaded are driven towards shore. The wheelloaders assists in correctly distributing the load and strategically preparing it for our excavators, so that they can then load the material into a hopper ashore. The load is then transported by conveyors and trucks to the project site.

The reason that pontoons are used between the barges and the quay is because it is not possible to moor the ships close to the shore, this because of the shallowness and also the swell makes the situation such that an intermediate action is required. With this smart intermediate act we are of course happy to assist!