05/2020 Deme Leiden – Rijnland route VvdW

What many don’t know is that Van Tunen is also strongly represented when it comes to smaller machines than what we are known for. In this case our Caterpillar 330 and Caterpillar 340 in the picture.

In recent years we have worked hard to build good relationships with our customers, and one of these fine customers is Vries & van der Wiel. Since a while we have, among other, these two nice machines in the rental business. These ‘guys’ travel with the rest of the fleet of Vries & van der Wiel, from project to project.

Currently they can be found on the Rijnland route. This project will soon offer a new road connection between Katwijk, via the A44 motorway, and the A4 motorway near Leiden. All about this cool project can be read at : https://rijnlandroute.nl. The activities for which our machines are used are extremely diverse, from digging building pits to pulling embankments, from assisting in the laying of concrete slabs to turning up depots. An enormously diverse and fun assignment!

Photo credits : Remco Kruis