06/2021: Working from a barge @ St. Nazaire, France

When speaking of earthmoving machines we usually think of working onshore but that is certainly not always the situation. This time we can be found on an offshore related project in St. Nazaire in France.

As always, we are only a small player on big impressive projects, but on every piece of every project we assist with pride and full attention. This time one of our CAT390 LRE Triple boom 24m is positioned on a barge of Herbosch-Kiere (part of the Eiffage group) and will assist with the (preparatory) work on the pipeline protection at depths from -15m to -20m.

In total, Eiffage and partner(s) will be in charge of the entire Saint-Nazaire project. The first commercial offshore wind farm in France. Ultimately, this wind farm is expected to generate enough electricity to cover 20% of the energy needs of the Loire-Atlantique department.