08/2020 : Assistance for the Fehrmannbelt tunnel

One of the projects of this century, the Fehrmannbelt project. And we are lucky to be a (small) part of it.
As many may already know, this immense project aims to build an immersed tunnel between Denmark and Germany, of a planned length of 18.2km! This will make this tunnel the longest road- and rail connection in the world.

At this moment the project is building the working-port on the Danish side, where we can find several of our CAT390 LRE double booms, CAT390 LRE triple boom and a few wheelloaders CAT 980. Our excavators drive on and off from the Fetsy L, onto the (stone-)barges to place the stones directly into the breakwaters. Off course our wheelloaders help to deliver the stones properly to the excavators.

A full description of the work and fantastic images can be found on the official site of the Fehrmannbelt project itself!

This beautiful project will be ready for use in 2029 and we hope to use our services on this project as long as possible!