11/2020 : Maintenance works southern breakwater harbor IJmuiden

Nearly every year, maintenance is carried out on the southern head of the port of IJmuiden. This time a slightly higher maintenance, because of the storms at the beginning of this year damage has been caused to the head of the breakwater. This is well known terrain to us, not only because it is located just around the corner, but also because over the years we have been able to help several times on the breakwaters in this area. This time our CAT 352 LRE, in order by Van Oord, is doing its utmost on this job.

The repair work will of course ensure that the breakwaters offers sufficient protection for the surrounding area in the coming years, including the new lock complex in IJmuiden. Ships from our client transport quarry stone to the nearest point, to be transported by trucks and then will be placed in the breakwater by the excavators.

photocredits: ijmuidenactueel.nl