12/2019 Under water demolition in Hanstholm- Denmark -Kingo Karlssen A/S

In the past year it must have been noticed that one of our biggest excavator, the Caterpillar 6015B Triple Boom excavator, has worked extremely hard in Hanstholm, Denmark, among others. But despite the fact that this big boy stole the show, our Caterpillar 390 double boom excavator has also done a lot of work in this port.

The little brother , had a challenging job under his wing. Together with our client Kingo Karlssen A/S we have demolished harbor piers built by large caissons full of incredibly strong concrete down to 11.5 meters… under water! Our machine, of course one of the largest of its kind, had an HB7000 hammer. A big boy of over 7ton, who, thanks to the power of our machine, could easily handle the demolition work.

A unique project for an even more unique customer. Kingo Karlssen is the market leader in Denmark when it comes to “working green”. Practically all materials that pass through their hands are recycled and reused. Innovative, green and completely now! We are proud to have contributed a little bit to an environmentally conscious project.