12/2016 Improving the round-about at Joure (NL)

12-2016 The last couple of months Van Tunen have been assisting Gebr. Van Der Lee at a nice project, by placing her Caterpillar 374DL. Gebr. Van Der Lee have been awarded by ‘Alliantie A6/A7 Knooppunt Joure, consisting of the parties: The Province of Fryske Marren, The Province of Fryslân, and Rijkswaterstaat to improve the round-about at Joure. This project concerns two major activities. The first goal is to remove the existing roundabout, which use to have an unsafe an poor flow of traffic. The second part is deepening the Langwarder Wielen. For a part of this lovely project, Van Tunen have succesfully been of service!