08/2017 Under water excavating – Berlijn DE

In November 2015 Van Tunen started work for client Matthäi Wasserbau GmbH & Co. KG in the centre of Berlin where a highway with a long tunnel section is being build. Work consisted of the underwater excavation of a concrete construction pit for the build of a tunnel section.

For this high tech job one of our Cat 390 long reach was mobilised equipped with buckets, clamshells and clamshell extenders to be able to excavate / dredge to a depth of -21 m. After installation of the excavator on a modular spud pontoon our operators started underwater excavation immediately with excavated material being deposited into modular barges which were then emptied by a dedicated shore excavator.

Van Tunen’s part of the work was successful completed in March 2016 after which the excavator was returned to the Netherlands for the next job.