Please find below Van Tunen’s most populair rental auxiliaries.
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Containerized workshop
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With each project we offer our clients technical support

Based on a fully containerized workshop and off course our experienced mechanics. We have containers combination of 20” feet and 40” feet with a rooftop. Depending on the rental fleet, we have the availability for a 8, 6, 4 or 2 set up containerized workshop.


The best support keeps your project going

The Van Tunen workshops contains a office area, environmental (HazMat) container incl. driptrays, workshopcontainers and off course several spare part containers. 


For the details, please refer to the pdf file.

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Customized conveyorbelts
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Engineered for performance, designed for comfort, built to last

For a lot of our clients and projects we have customize all kind of equipment. Especially regarding bulk materials, recycling and production industries a wide variety of materials is handled, transshipped and transported every day. Off course safety, production and low costs are the key parameters for a successful project. As Van Tunen we always challenge ourselves to offer our client’s our innovative and best of approach equipment.

Besides these solutions, we offer our (Technical) Support to assist our client’s during their entire project. 


For the details, please refer to the pdf file.

Conveyorbelt length22m
Conveyorbelt length25m
Conveyorbelt length40.3m
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Stationary light sets
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Lamps4 x 150W Auxillary power220v or 110v

The unique square design is the same size as a Euro Pallet which means that they can be loaded two abreast on a standard lorry, making a much more efficient use of space and making transporting more cost effective. In fact it is possible to fit 20units on a standard artic. 

The lighttower has all the excellent features. It uses energy efficient Ceramic Discharge lamps. The superior performance of CDM lighting results in a massive saving in fuel costs using only 0.5 liters of diesel an hour. This equates to a saving of up to 85% against conventional light towers. The exceptional fuel economy and the reliable Hatz engine means that the Lighttower will run for up to 170hours continuously on one tank of fuel, which all helps to reduce your carbon footprint. 

The light produced is also a better quality light with a more even spread of light with reduced glare and no flicker. Another big advantage of the lighttower is the flexible space within the cabinet, making it possible for additional equipment to be incorporated. It is possible to mount security cameras and systems to the mast and house the control and recording equipment securely within the body.

Moldboard width4.2m
Fuel consumption± 0.5 ltr/hr
Total run time± 170 hours
Lamps4 x 150W
Auxillary power220v or 110v
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