05/2021: Material handling on the Blankenburg verbinding (Vries van der Wiel)

Dutch pride, because that is what this project most certainly is! Since last year we are regularly assisting on one of the most beautiful projects in the Netherlands at the moment: The Blankenburg connection.

Resume about the total project: “The Blankenburg connection (A24) will improve traffic flow and make the traffic network more reliable. The Rotterdam region will therefore become more accessible, contributing to the growth of the Port of Rotterdam and Greenport Westland.” (As quoted at the official website of Baak, if you would like to read more about this wonderful project: you can read it hier 

Our CAT336 is currently well deployed to assist in the material handling operations. Buckets are filled with soil from the construction site, when the bucket reaches our excavator, we neatly unload the material. Every now and then the excavators change position, a nice interaction for the whole project team!