10/2016 Operator Training – Middle East

This month our Support Department has been traveling to the Middle East to provide education for operators on a nice but complex and most of all high-standard-safety project. Two trainers from Van Tunen have been observed, trained and examine the local operators at our client’s project.

The purpose of this training was primarily to make the operators more aware of all safety matters and some of the dangerous work activities they are responsible for and improve on daily productivity. Beside this, secondary goal was to make sure the operators handle and operate the Van Tunen  (or the Clients) equipment the way it supposed to be handled. This will immediately result in an improved awareness, reduced equipment breakdowns and damages and off course beside improving the productions will reduce fuel consumption accordingly!

At the beginning of 2016 Van Tunen’s program to train operators on project sites has been initiated. Even thought this program is brand new, it wasn’t the first time we have trained operators as we had similar training schedules in the nineties and early 2000 for Africa and Middle east projects. After two-weeks training lessons on site our trainers left satisfied that the operators were examined and qualified and had improved substantially. Since then our trainers have been visiting this project again twice to make sure that “old operator- habits” do not return to this project.

Does your project need some improvement concern heavy equipment operations? Want to improve safety, production and fuel efficiency? Does our program sounds interesting for you? Please contact us about the possibilities, cost involved and availability. We will be happy to provide you with a full quotation.