Maintenance, inspection, management, training and advice

Count on Van Tunen for technical support worldwide

The bedrock of optimal performance

Want smooth, safe and cost-effective operations? Demand well-maintained (earthmoving) machines? The experienced and skilled Van Tunen Support team is ready to help you prevent, manage and solve any equipment-related issue at hand. Professionalism, practical solutions and innovative ideas are the three main pillars of our service. It’s how we make sure your project runs smoothly. Wherever, whenever.

Our services include:

  • periodic maintenance and all repair work on all your equipment
  • supply of fully equipped containerized workshops and technical expertise
  • design and construction of special / heavy equipment
  • rebuilds on location or at our Beverwijk premises
  • equipment inspections on site
  • project assessments
  • training and consulting
  • warehouse control and stock consignment
  • operator training on site

More information about Van Tunen Support Services? Feel free to contact us anytime!

Operator Training

Should you choose to deploy local operators for our equipment, Van Tunen gladly helps you ensure optimum continuity and safety with an on-site training program for (local) operators. The program consists of both theoretical and practical training and is led by one or two of our licensed (expatriate) trainers with ample experience in the selection and training of groups of (potential) local operators.

The main objectives of our all-round training program are:

  1. Increase safety awareness and experience
  2. Increase equipment awareness and operative quality
  3. Reduce equipment breakdown due to incorrect use
  4. Improve production and fuel efficiency