All the support you need for smooth and safe operations

At Van Tunen, we make it our business to ensure your operations run as smoothly and safely as possible. This is why you can always rely on our experienced and skilled team to help you prevent, manage and solve any equipment-related issue at hand. Professionally and cost-effectively. Regardless of where your works are located, our practical solutions and innovative ideas will keep you on top of your game.

Our services include:

  • periodic maintenance and all repair work on all your equipment
  • supply of fully equipped containerized workshops and technical expertise
  • design and construction of special / heavy equipment
  • rebuilds on location or at our Beverwijk premises
  • equipment inspections on location
  • project assessments, training and advice
  • aftersales support
  • warehouse control and consignment stock

Operator Training 

Since the beginning of 2016 Van Tunen offers a program to train the (local)
operators at the project. For all different kind of reasons our clients choose
to work with local operators on our equipment. To provide the beste
continously and increase the safety Van Tunen started this program.

The program Van Tunen offers consist on sending over one or two licensed  expatriate trainers who both have ample experience in selecting and training
groups of local operators both theoretically as well as practical.

Purpose of the theoretical and practical training program will be;
1. Increase safety awareness and experience;
2. Increase equipment awareness and operator’s quality;
3. Reduce equipment breakdown due to operator faults;
4. Improve on production and fuel efficiency.

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