07/2021 : Excavation pit in Germany

This month our CAT336F (R445) travelled to Germany. Like many of our projects, this one is another fun challenge. To accomplish this work, several customized attachments were taken to our eastern neighbors. An extension pipe to get to the right depth and a grab that we can adjust halfway through the work.

The first part of the work consists of excavating the soil (depth 3-5 meters) between the foundation piles, which serve as bridge feet. When we go deeper, the extension pipe will be applied. From a depth of approximately 7 meters, we arrive at the stumps of the bridge feet, to excavate another 1 meter or more. The scales of the grab are replaced by 60cm scales to accurately remove the soil and make room for the underwater concrete that will be poured here.

The deeper we get, the larger the gravel and stones become. A precision job… and that is exactly what we like to do!